Clean Air

Breathe Easy

The average person breathes 8000 liters of air a day so considering that at least half of that is in your home, there is nothing more important in your home than the air you breathe. With the many new high efficiency furnaces having low voltage ECM motors your options for providing economical highly filtered air have never been better. Depending on the furnace and control you have you are no longer restricted to filtering your air only when your heat is firing, you can run filtration 24 / 7 for less than 25 cents a day.

Browse through the filter options and you will find filters that stop only the largest of dust particles to filters that block pollen and all the way through to Merv 15 filters that filter organisms as small as .3 microns and  have capture and kill technology to eliminate 99.9% of viruses such as Influenza, SARS, Avian Flu, Small Pox  virus and other pathogens. Whether you only want the most basic or are trying to make a home with a resident who has Asthma more livable, there is a filter perfect for you.

Speak to your estimator about your air quality and what you want to achieve. All Dyand Estimators Carry the IAQ certification from Carrier Canada and will be happy to help you select the perfect Air Quality system for your needs.

To learn more about our IAQ healthy air expert certification click Healthy Air Expert Brochure