Carrier FILCAB Air Cleaner

Carrier FILCAB Air Cleaner

THis filter is extremly popular due to its high efficency and relatively low cost. Excellent fitleration for those who want to clean up the air in ther home without investing in an electronic filter system.

This MERV 8 Mechanical Air Cleaner cleans the air of dust, pollen, and smoke which helps keep homes cleaner and fresher longer.

Easy filter access - Using this air cleaner allows homeowners easy filter access.

Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)

Trouble-free installation - No electricity is required.

Filter Cartridges should be replace annually at a cost of $39.00 and always available at both Dyand Locations and other HVAC companies.

Nearly maintenance-free operation - The only maintenance required is replacing the media filter cartridge when needed-before each heating or cooling season or at least once a year, depending on conditions.

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