Premium Carrier Infinity 98 Furnace

Premium Carrier Infinity 98 Furnace

This is Carriers top of the line furnace and its amazing.  with a true modulating gas valve, a variable spped ECM blower motore and variable spped inducer motor this furnace witll give you 3 and a hlaf times tighter control over your temperature than a single stage unit. Pair it with the Infinity Thermostat you you simply cannot get a better system.

This unit is quite popular among Dyand Customers and employees. The only real complaint we ever get is that it is to quiet and modulates the airflow so well that some customers have to put a paper towel over the air register just to make sure its working. They only have to do that once though and from that point on, they are too a person, extremely happy with it. 

Its the best Carrier Makes, and its worth every penny..and then some. Truly superb

98.1% AFUE efficiency

Modulating Gas Valve

Variable Speed ECM blower motor

Variable Speed Inducer Motor

10 year parts warranty with on line registration

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