Carrier Infinity Air Cleaner

Carrier Infinity Air Cleaner

The Carrier Infinity™ Air Purifier provides homewoners with the best  air filtration and germicidal efficiency available. It is extremely popular in the Edmonton area as we tend to keep our windows tightly closed all winter and wide open all summer.  For Asthma sufferers or those with other breathing problems or susceptability to colds this is the perfect filteration system. 

Filter Cartridges must be replaced annualy at a cost of $134.00. These are available at both Dyand Locations as well as other Carrier Dealers

Ultra high filtration efficiency (MERV 15)

Captures and kills airborne viruses, bacteria and
mold spores (99% germicidal for 13 organisms)

Easy to replace media cartridge

Cabinet supports up to 400 lb

Simplified dealer installation

State-of-the-art, patented technology

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