Carrier Performance Air Purifier

The Carrier Performance™ Air Purifier provides you  with exceptional air filtration and germicidal efficiency. Though not has high as the efficency level in the infinity version this is an absolutely outsanding unit.  Filter Cartridge needs to be changed annualy and is available at Dyand as well as most Carrier Dealers.  This is the perfect choice for the homeowner with concerns about air quality and health issues such as asthma or other breathing problems.

Filter cartridge must be replaced annually at a cost of $129.00. The cartridge is availalble at Dyand or other Carrier Dealers.


High filtration efficiency (MERV 13)

Captures and kills airborne viruses, bacteria and
mold spores (96% germicidal for 3 organisms)

Easy to replace media cartridge

Cabinet supports up to 400 lb

State-of-the-art, patented technology

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