Eco-Allergy Air Filter

Eco-Allergy Air Filter

The Eco-Allergy filter is by far our most popular mechanical filter. It is installed in virtually every new home installation that we do as well as at least hlaf of our retrofit installations.  Its high Merv Rating together with the fact that it is locally sourced and manufactured make this the best value and most Eco Friendly mechanical filter available.

We reccomend this filter for home owners that are looking to maintain a clean air environment in their home but do not have health challenges such as Asthma. (see information on our Infiintiy Air Cleaners if you do have health isses.

Merv 8

Addtional pleats / surface area for longer life

Manufactured locally

Low environmental impact.

Eco-Allergy Filters are always available at Dyand for $39.00 each or 3 for $109.00. THey should be checked semi annually and replaced no less than once a year