Radiant Garage Heater

Radiant Garage Heater

We install far more Radiant Heaters in residential garages than any other type. Highly efficient they warm the vehicles, the work area and the floor. Little energy is wasted warming the air (that escapes as soon as the garage door is opened)  Availalbe for single and double garages in iether straigt or u tube format. A triple garage would require the instalaltion of two units.

30,000 to 45,000 btu/h     Natural Gas and LPG    

Aluminized (HT) radiant tube.    

Approved to residential standards - AGA Reg. 7-89, CAN/CGA 2.5-M86.    

Direct spark ignition     Thermostat and gas flex included . Preassembled construction - no loose parts,  Thermal efficiencies above 82%     Self diagnostic ignition module     Balanced flue construction - one wall opening,  Vertical venting kit optional