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Homeowner Maintenance - Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system requires very little maintenance to keep it in top performing condition. Follow these simple tips and you are unlikely to ever have a problem with it.

1. Change your furnace filter. This is the most important thing you can do. In the spring before you fire up your air conditioner check your furnace filter. If it looks dirty, partially clogged or has dust bunnies on it. Change it. Your furnace does the work of circulating your cool air so if the filter is clogged it cannot circulate the amount of cold air your AC unit is generating. When that happens you can expect to have your AC coil freeze up. A potentially  expensive and unneccecary problem.

2. Inspect the area around your outdoor condenser, insure that vegetation or other objects are not blocking free access for air circulation.

3. At the end of the AC season cover your outdoor condensor. This is not critical as condensors are made to withstand the elements however if you have a cover, use it.