Furnace Maintenance

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Maintaining your furnace

There are simple items that you as a homeowner should do to maintain the operational efficiency of your heating system. Routine maintenance is as simple as changing the air filter on your furnace and in the case of a flow through humidifier changing the evaporator pad.

Rules of Thumb

*  1 inch furnace filter – monthly change

*  Eco-Allergy Filter – Replace every 6 months

*  4 inch Cartridge filter – Replace every 6 months

*  Infinity Air Cleaner Cartridge – Replace annually

*  Humidifier Pad – Replace annually

Dyand Mechanical Maintains a full stock of the most common furnace filters, If we installed your heating system we will have the type of filter you have on file. If we did not, Just bring your old filter to one of our locations and we will match it with the correct replacement