Proper Humidity Means Total Comfort

In Alberta we enjoy the benefit of clear blue skies in the winter but along with that comes cold dry air. Cold dry air not only causes property damage but also can cause itchiness, cracked skin and dry nasal passages. Apart from the discomfort, dry air in our homes is also perfect vehicle for the distribution of dust, viruses and bacteria. Not only will you feel better with the correct humidity in your home, you will feel warmer because moist air feels warmer than dry air (think tropics) but you will also reduce the airborne contaminants in your home. From the most basic of humidifiers to flow through, fan powered and even steam powered humidifiers. Your Dyand Indoor Air Quality Expert will ensure that once he understands your needs and challenges, he will recommend the perfect humidifier for your home and you will reap the benefits every day during our frigid winter months.