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Frequently Asked Questions

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For a 1” filter it should be changed on a monthly basis. For a 4” filter it should be checked every month and changed every 4 months in a construction area, and in a non-construction area should be changed every 6 months.

It is recommended by the warranty standards to have it serviced every 2 years to keep the warranty valid. It also helps with preventative maintenance so your furnace will get through our cold Alberta winters.

A single stage furnace has a single speed blower and a gas valve that is fixed. A two-stage furnace has a variable speed blower and a gas valve with two stages.The two stage furnace allows for the fan to run at different speeds depending on the weather.

There is a general size that we recommend depending on the square footage. This is an approximation that can be confirmed using a Heat Loss Calculation. This will give the accurate BTU’s needed for the house.

A Heat Loss Calculation is a calculation that determines the amount of heat lost from the house while taking into account the windows, doors and insulation.

A furnace service includes: going through and checking the thermostat, filters, humidifier, blower and compartment, the gas, venting, as well as other components in a 40 point inspection.

It is not recommended that you install your own furnace. Please call an authorized dealer for the product that you purchased and they will ensure your furnace is installed and in proper working order. This will also ensure your warranty is valid.

AC (Air Conditioning)

A SEER Rating is the ratio of the cooling of an air conditioner over a whole season and divide it by the energy it uses (Watt-Hours).

SEER Rating= Cooling ÷ Season ÷ Energy used(Watts-Hour)

We typically use a ratio of square footage to tonnage. This is approximate as there are different applications per household.

It is not recommended to install your own AC. It is best to trust a professional to ensure that the unit is set up properly.

It is recommended to get your AC serviced every 2 years to ensure it is in good working condition. This also ensures that your warranty will be valid.

Cleaning your AC at the beginning of the season before starting it up for the summer is the best way to ensure best results.

Covering your AC before the weather turns to snow is the best way to keep your AC protected from the elements.