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Warm Up Your Home with Our Carrier Furnace Sale

Receive a FREE Humidifier with every Carrier Furnace Install!

Double the Comfort: Embrace the Warmth with our Carrier Furnace Sale and free humidifier

Is your furnace ready to face the winter chill in store for Alberta this year? With frigid temperatures expected throughout the province and above-average snowfall predicted in the Farmers’ Almanac for Winter 2024, you don’t want to wait until winter hits to upgrade your furnace. Say goodbye to inconsistent heating, high electricity bills, and dry air.  

Running throughout November and December, you will get a free humidifier when you install a new Carrier Furnace to help you improve the indoor air quality of your home. Humidifiers are the unknown soldiers in your home as they soak up unwanted air particles that can set off your allergies and make you susceptible to the common cold, while also hydrating your skin and scalp. Worth $250, you won’t want to miss out on improved air quality at no extra cost with a free upgrade.

Are you ready for an upgrade? From now until December 31, 2023.

What are the Benefits of Improved Air Quality?

Improved Health

Say goodbye to dust and debris that lingers in your home, allowing everyone to breathe easier, stay hydrated, and avoid dry conditions brought on by winter blues.

Reduced Allergies

Get more out of your day without a sore throat, congestion, nose bleed, or cough brought on by dust or pollen.

Improved Home Satisfaction

Your home is your safe haven, and improving your air quality can help increase cognition to help you think and breathe better.

Our technicians will help measure your home to make sure you’re getting the right size of furnace, everything you need is included in our packages! Once you accept our quote, you’ll be booked in to receive a brand-new furnace installation. Installations usually take a single day, but more complicated retrofitting jobs will sometimes take longer and be reflected in your quote.

Our team at Dyand Mechanical can have your furnace up and running within a day. The age of your home and the condition of the ductwork can influence the length of the installation, averaging between 4-8 hours. Installations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so book your installation services now!

Yes! Humidifiers can be fitted to existing furnaces, or added with a new furnace. They are attached to the warm air supply duct, or the cold air return duct closest to your furnace. Our team will provide you with recommendations for the best install configuration for your new humidifier.

  • Warranty coverage
  • Enhanced curb appeal of your home with updated appliances
  • More energy efficient to help you save each month
  • Can be used all year long

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